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Moms With Baby: Trend and Behavior
Product Category – Diaper
Moms With Baby: Trend and Behavior
Product Category – Toiletries

Tren dan Perilaku
Produk Kosmetik 2017

Tren dan Perilaku
Produk Perawatan Wajah 2017

Studi Perilaku Belanja Ibu dengan Anak
Usia Pra Sekolah (2-6 tahun)
Produk Susu
Moms With Baby: Purchasing Behavior
Product Category – Food and Snack
Customer Satisfaction and
Loyalty Reports

This survey is very useful to determine the level of customer loyalty to the product/brand. This research will also provide the information about customer satisfaction.  Hence, you are able to enhance the value added of your product/brand and make your customers more loyal and satisfied.

Awareness Attitude Usage Study

The study used to measure the level of knowledge, perception, and the trend of your product/brand from customers views. This study is very useful to find out of the changes in attitudes and behavior of your customer.

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practise (KAP) Study/Perception Survey

The study used to explore consumers opinions about the image/branding of a product/brand. By this study, you will be able to know the perception of your product/brand. For example, if your ptoduct is mineral water so when consumers need mineral water, your brand would be called by your customers.

Segmentation Studies

The study used to identify the market of your product/brand along with its potentiality.  By this study,  you will be able to determine the right marketing mix of your product/brand to drive consumer for product purchased.

Product Testing and
Home Test

This research used to measure the consumer acceptance of product or pakaging.  It is an important stage for product development or new product launched in the market.

Brand Tracking

It is a study to continuously measure the development of brand within some key variables such as ad awareness, brand preferrence, etc.  This study will allow company to keep track of brand performance in the market.  This is an important study to provide the information in term of brand investment.

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