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Baby Still Need Snacking

Babies from 6 months old (infants) need to get intake other than breastmilk (ASI) to meet their energy and nutritional requirements.   Mothers can start to give nutritional foods with a soft texture such as baby cereal as complementary foods of breastmilk (MPASI).  Aside from main food of MPASI, babies also need snack food to meet their daily nutritional needs.  For snacking purpose, fortification snacks (additional micro nutrien)  can be mother’s choice to be given to their baby.

Based on survey from Sigma Research, the penetration of baby snack is 30% in the market.  Most of of mothers will give snack product to their baby at 7 -12 months old (58,5%).  In addition, the frequency of feeding baby snack feeding is quite often at 2-3 times per day (43,3%).



From several brands of baby snack in the market, Milna is is the most widely known brand in the market and also most often given by Mother to her baby.  The market of baby snack is dominated by Milna with estimated market share nearly 40%.  The other brands of snack baby are Sun and Farley with each share of 14-15% in the market.  Product endorsement is the main factor for mother to pick the brand of baby snack.  Families (close relatives) and their mother (in-law) are the most credible endorser for mother to choose baby snack with percentage of 67,0% and 49,6%.

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