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Beauty In The Eyes Of Indonesians

How do you define beauty? Sigma Research, an experienced marketing research consultant company, recently held a research* to seek out the facts. Answers were categorized into three categories; beauty, brain and behavior.

Results showed that 40% defined the beauty of a woman as physical beauty, 14.8% answered personality, 9.5% said a friendly attitude, while a smaller percentage of 6.1% decided that beauty involves intelligence.
What part of physical beauty is considered most beautiful, anyway? According to the results, being free of skin problems like acne and blemishes (43,1%) and having fair and flawless skin (41,8%) is most favorable.
According to Director of Sigma Research, Nurjannah Andi Lemmung, the society’s perceptions of fair and flawless skin as a barometer for beauty is partly because of the barrage of advertising of cosmetic products that encourage women indirectly to achieve fairer skin to be perceived as more beautiful.

*Research was conducted by Sigma Research on a sample of 1200 respondents during May 2017 in 11 major cities in Indonesia, which are Medan, JABODETABEK, Bandung Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar and Makassar.


Oleh Annisa Laksmi pada Minggu, 11 Juni 2017

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