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Company Overview

Sigma Research is a company engaged in marketing research. We focus on consumer research regarding our consistency, so that manufacturers can understand the psychological, sociological and tastes of consumers. As a leading company that entered the world of marketing research with strong technical experience in Indonesia and with the support of professional resources we are able to work faster and more accurately because we not only collect data, we integrate traditional research with a broader knowledge. Therefore, we produce research that can help your company prepare a business plan, set sales quotas, measures and investment budgets and make decisions on product launches.

In the short history in the field of marketing research, Sigma Research has experienced rapid growth and significant change. Sigma Research will continue to develop better solutions to help your company meet the needs of today’s consumers, find out where they were headed next, and stay consistent to keep the company invest in research to us with affordable financial. Sigma Research will always cling to the speed and accuracy of the data produced.

Starting from a research division in an IT company in 2003, we continue to develop into a sub contractor of various research agencies in Indonesia. Until 2008, we are focusing into a research company under the name of PT Sigma Research Indonesia. By maintaining the corporate culture is almost more than 7 years, Sigma Research managed to become one of the leading companies in the field of marketing research in Indonesia.

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Provide data and marketing information that is useful as a decision-making.
  • Run-research program customized quickly and accurately.
  • Providing solutions / recommendations on the problems faced by the client.

Being a professional company in the social-marketing research services ranked 5th at the national level.

Sigma Research is fully committed to every research we do – and this is clearly shown in the success of all our past market research projects. Through years of research expertise in Indonesia, we continually provide only the best results for our clients.  Our ability to transform the relevant information into new insights by enhancing your business strengths will create greater growth opportunities for your business. This information will provide you with new insight and lead to your business’ improved decision making

Over the years, Sigma Research has provided excellent research services to companies and government institutions from different fields and industry not matter they are big corporations or startup companies. With a strong experience of research team and effective methods, we make sure that every client that we have served, achieved product recognition and precise market penetration.  We have worked together with research houses – we make sure each client’s project is carried out with high standards of confidentiality.

Sigma Research has had experience in policy-related surveys or program evaluations from government agencies, as well as social research from foreign NGOs and donors (UNDP, USAID, AUSAID). In addition to also experienced in surveys in the Legislative Election, namely PDI Perjuangan in North Sumatra and Golkar as many as 39 Dapil city / district. On the island of Java (+/- 10 thousand respondents), Pilkada DPP Hanura in some areas, and internal Demokrat.

Sigma Research area coverage covers all provinces in Indonesia. Located throughout the capital city of the province in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, to Papua. Comprised of more than 400 people Interviewer / Observer experienced led by 29 Field Supervisor. Not including field team support for the city / county in addition to the provincial capital to remote such as: North Halmahera (North Maluku) and Merauke (Papua).

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Sigma Research office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Works quickly and accurately. The last experience to do research in a tight deadline ahead of the launch of National Health Jamina (JKN), but can provide accurate results and satisfy UNDP partners with the Ministry of Health.

Deni Ahmad Fauzi
Program Manager , UNDP (United Nation for Development Program)