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Important step after data collection is data processing, either qualitative or qualitative. Sigma Research has a team of specialists in data coding, data entry, tabulation data, and data analysis. Equipped with modern statistical programming applications that will assist with the processing of survey data quickly and valid, such as: SPSS Data Entry, CS Pro, and Epi Data.

Research methods by optimizing internal data client with modern statistical analysis techniques (such as data mining), can be found root of the problem, the relationship pattern of related parameters, and forecasting in the future

One of the qualitative research methods for macro analysis with a relatively minimal budget. Sigma Research has qualitative research specialists who have competencies in content analysis and researchers in specialized investigative fields. Sources of data from the mass media, BPS, BI, journals, corporate financial statements, survey results, and other related literature.

The method used to measure the market, assess marketability, product competitiveness, so it will get the company’s sales targets. Furthermore, management can measure the further strategy that has been successfully executed.

The method used to determine the sales and distribution of products through retail channels. With the results of this research, you will get information about the market size, the level of competition, how big the market demand for your product and at last with existing data management of your company will be able to make better decisions.

The method used to determine the price range you are willing to be paid by consumers. With the results of this research, you will find the optimal price point so it gets big market segmentation and also the maximum benefit.

Sigma Research will report the results of research on consumer behavior. So that your company will be more aware of how much power your product brands to influence consumer decision in buying your product. Look deeper into the effectiveness of the strategy you’ve run in either price, position and concept. As well as learn more about customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your products.

Sigma Research will assist your company in doing research on your company’s competitors. The results of this research will assist your company in taking action more quickly and accurately so that your product can compete and lead the market.

The results of this research will affect the development of your company in the future because it can help your company to decide which is more scalable. As detailed forecasting, market size clearer, more specific demand, up to the magnitude of the impact of ad you create. That will create jobs over the maximum efficiency without compromising quality.