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In-Depth Interview

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Works quickly and accurately. The last experience to do research in a tight deadline ahead of the launch of National Health Jamina (JKN), but can provide accurate results and satisfy UNDP partners with the Ministry of Health.

Deni Ahmad Fauzi
Program Manager , UNDP (United Nation for Development Program)


Depth Interviews, often called “one-on-ones”, are lengthy unstructured interviews conducted with one individual at a time. A depth interviews often requires a highly skilled interviewer. Depth interviews are particularly well-suited for probing decisions involving several people, outcome comparised of a series of interrelated decisions, or decisions that tend to take along time. Depth interviews allow for the development of a detiled step-by-step description of the process leading to the final decision (Crask Melvin, et al. 1995)

Data collection techniques qualitative method by conducting in-depth interviews with resource persons. Sigma Research researchers have the ability to perform this technique, both in the targeted approach of resource persons, probing and explorative techniques, and present it in a pithy research report.

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