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Consumer Research

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Works quickly and accurately. The last experience to do research in a tight deadline ahead of the launch of National Health Jamina (JKN), but can provide accurate results and satisfy UNDP partners with the Ministry of Health.

Deni Ahmad Fauzi
Program Manager , UNDP (United Nation for Development Program)


Consumer can be segmented based on their hobbies, shopping location preferences, product or service usage, or other behaviors. Since the heavy users of a product account for the vast majority of the total product category sales, households are often classified as light, moderate, or heavy user. Identifying the demographic and lifestyle peculiarities of the heavy users enables a company to develop a promotion and advertising strategy to concentrate effectively on these most valuable customer. Consumer in any product or service category can also be segmented based on the relative importance they place on key benrfits of thr product or service (Crask Melvin, et al. 1995)

Sigma Research will report the results of research on consumer behavior. So that your company will be more aware of how much power your product brands to influence consumer decision in buying your product. Look deeper into the effectiveness of the strategy you’ve run in either price, position and concept. As well as learn more about customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your products.

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