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Segmentation Studies

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Works quickly and accurately. The last experience to do research in a tight deadline ahead of the launch of National Health Jamina (JKN), but can provide accurate results and satisfy UNDP partners with the Ministry of Health.

Deni Ahmad Fauzi
Program Manager , UNDP (United Nation for Development Program)


Segmentation is the process of partitioning a market into groups of potential customers who are similar in designated ways and who are likely to exhibit similar purchasing behavior. The key to a successful segmentation strategy is the ability to capitalize on similarities within a segment that are impot=rtant from a marketing point of view
(Crask Melvin, et al. 1995)

The method used to identify the market and potential market of you product/brand. From these results, you will be able to determine the right price for your product, how to introduce your product to your customers, even you can find the right distribution channels for your products

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