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Author : Sigma Research Indonesia
Year of Publication : 2015
Publishers : Sigma Research Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Genre : Business Report
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Indonesia is the 6th largest wheat importing country after Japan with an average import volume above 5 million tons per year. Currently, wheat flour needs in Indonesia reach almost 6.0 million tons per year which is filled by about 29 wheat flour companies in Indonesia and about 9.0% comes from imported wheat flour.

In the large modern industry, the noodle industry is the largest consumer of wheat flour, followed by biscuit and bakery industry. While in the home industry, bakery industry is the largest consumer of wheat flour and followed by noodle and biscuit industry.

In addition to increasing population, the changing factor of community diet that has shifted on wheat flour-based foods is a factor in increasing wheat consumption in Indonesia. However, the condition is not directly proportional to the production of wheat in Indonesia, which necessitates the import of wheat.

China, India and USA are the world’s highest grain producers. USA is the third largest import country of wheat in Indonesia after Australia and Canada. The volume of wheat imports in the period of 2009 to 2014 fluctuated, with the highest growth rate in 2010 – 2011, as much as 19.7% and FOB value jumped to 57.9%.

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