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Author : Sigma Research Indonesia
Year of Publication : 2015
Publishers : Sigma Research Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Genre : Business Report
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Cassava (Cassava) can be used as an alternative source of food, in addition to corn and sweet potatoes. Based on data from 2013, Indonesia is the third highest Cassava producing country in the world, with a percentage of 8.6% of production, after Nigeria (19.2%) and Thailand (10.9%). The average Cassava production in Indonesia reaches up to 24 million tonnes per year.

Indonesia as one of the highest Cassava-producing countries in the world is also active in Cassava’s export and import trade. This is because the needs of Cassava in the country that is still not fulfilled. Only 0.6% of Cassava’s products are exported to various countries, both in the form of dried and starch. And as much as 1.7% of domestic consumption is still derived from imports.

The average household consumption for the period of 2009 – 2014 is 4.63 kg / capita / year with the average rate decreasing 2.29% every year. In Indonesia, export of Cassava production is more dominated in dried form, such as chips / crisps, dried cassava, flour and other forms. In 2013, 99.5% of Cassava’s consumption in industry as raw material is dominated by cassava starch industry, with value reaching Rp. 839 billion. The next industry is industry of kerupuk / chips and soy sauce industry.

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