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Author : Sigma Research Indonesia
Year of Publication : 2015
Publishers : Sigma Research Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Genre : Business Report
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With a total supply of 51.4 million tonnes of CPO & CPKO in 2010, and a world demand projection of 95.7 million tonnes for 2025, indicates that an 186% increase in supply is still needed; This means there is still a great opportunity for the Indonesian oil sector to grow.

World demand will continue to increase as the world’s population grows and income increases. In 2020 with a world population of about 8 billion people is estimated to need vegetable oil as much as 234 million tons, meaning it needs an additional supply of 6 million tons per year until 2020.

Utilization of palm oil will continue to expand not only as food but also fuel and feed. In the future, the use of fuel will increase in line with mandatory renewable energy programs in various countries. Currently around 86 percent is used as the remaining food for fuel and industry.

The advantages of Palm Oil, capable of producing the largest (yield) vegetable oils in the world. Where oil palm grows requires certain soil and climatic conditions (Indonesia is ideal).

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