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Baby Oil is mineral oil formulated for baby’s senstive skin.  Baby Oil is useful for a lot of things beyond baby bottoms. It will smooth, soften, lubricate, refinish, clean, and so much more function for the babies.  Therefore, it is  no wonder that the usage of Baby Oil still high.

Based on survey from Sigma Research, it is found  74% mother using Baby Oil for their baby of 2 years old below.  The use of Baby Oil is quite big which 61% of them apply the product on their baby twice a day.  The product is used mostly by mother from middle upper class by 82%.



Cussons is is the most widely known brand in the market and also most often used by Mothers to their baby.   The market of Baby Oil is dictated by Cussons with estimated share of 45,8 %.  Johnson’s brand hold the 2nd position in the market with the share of 17%.   The product is mostly endorsed by families /close relatives with percentage almost 60%.  Advertisement is another factor to influence mother for product chosen (43%).

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