Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study

Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study

An AAU study is a type of market research study that allows companies to gain a better understanding of their market presence, and their strength in the market. As the name suggests, the AAU Study will provide insight into market awareness, general attitudes towards the brand, and brand usage from the point of view of all consumers towards the brand. This research can compare your company’s brands, services, and products with competitors for every aspect. Your company will also know the changes in your consumer’s attitude and behavior towards the brand of your product/service because there is a clear sequence of stages of awareness that customers can go through; from lack of awareness, awareness and initial purchase of the product and finally is loyalty to the brand of your product/service.

Sigma Research will help your company by offering various benefits from the results of this research and one of the main benefits of this study is that the company can track the effectiveness of your advertisements or competitors in creating awareness of your company’s products. By conducting an AAU study, you can also identify who your main competitors are and highlight the weaknesses of your company’s brand when compared to competitors. These studies are most useful when tracking long-term changes and when clearly comparing them to competitors, previous time periods, or different markets.

Important questions can be asked in the AAU Study. Questions in a survey may include the following:

  1. Asking whether the respondent knows the brand or product of your company?
  2. Which companies have the respondents heard of in the market?
  3. How did they first hear the brand/product?
  4. How do they rate the brand/product?
  5. How often do they buy and use it? and
  6. How likely are they to recommend it to friends, colleagues, or business associates?

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