Mystery Shopping

Popular and often used method for monitoring services from the customer’s point of view. The purpose of this mystery shopping is to obtain actual information on the performance of services provided to customers with the implementation strategy, namely providing a scoring that is used as a clear benchmark that can be compared at any time in order to improve the quality of the service.

The approach taken is by mystery shopper (shopper) acting like a customer who is interacting or transacting from a service, the interaction or visit can be done in 2 ways, namely by conducting non-transaction visits or by conducting transaction visits at shops, restaurants, institutions / institutions, exhibitions, service providers, and other similar businesses that have been determined.

Sigma Research can help your business to get results through this research method. The visit that will be carried out later is to carry out certain scenarios that have been prepared previously, after the shoppers have carried out their duties in carrying out further observations at the end of the interaction / transaction, recording and filling out worksheets (assessing service level) / shopper questionnaires that are arranged systematically according to business flow and standards. the applicable service of that service.

The success of the mystery shopper is determined by the ability to choose a shopper profile, where the shopper profile must match the majority of the customer profiles of the object being monitored. There are main criteria that must be owned by a shopper including the following:

  1. Natural in doing mystery shopping, not excessive and not flashy.
  2. Having the ability to observe carefully and in detail on each monitoring object.
  3. Have sufficient product knowledge of the object being monitored.
  4. Have the ability to describe monitoring results into working paper reports.

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