An enumerator is someone who carries out the task of collecting field data assigned by the survey team. In addition, enumerators are also tasked with carrying out the enumeration section which consists of counting and recording people or helping respondents answer questions and fill out questionnaires.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in FGD (Forum Group Discussion) activities on the topics to be researched
  • Making TOR (Term Of Reference) so that research activities are more focused
  • Request specific individual data consisting of name, age, religion, home address
  • Conduct and guide survey interviews conducted at home, in the office, or by telephone or text message
  • Collect, record, and equate information from surveys
  • Understand and provide an explanation of the topic of the problem to obtain data
  • Submit survey results to supervisor and discuss them
  • Reviewing the results of the survey data whether they have been filled out completely and accurately
  • Assist resource persons to fill out questionnaires
  • Explain the research results that have been approved by the supervisor to wide audience

Candidate Requirements:

  • Male/Female at least 23 years old
  • Have survey experience
  • Minimum education D3
  • Responsible and thorough on every job
  • Domiciled according to the location applied for
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