Who We Are

Starting as a research division in an IT company in 2003, we have continued to grow into sub-contractors of various research institutes in Indonesia. Until 2008, we focused on being a research company under the name Sigma Research Indonesia. We are engaged in marketing research focusing on research on consumer trends and behavior. Experience and our expertise can help you understand the psychological, sociological, and behavioral conditions of humans as consumers.

As a leading company in the world of marketing research, we have strong technical experience and professional resources, which enable us to integrate appropriate research methods with a wider range of knowledge. This allows us to assist your company in preparing the information you need for various means, from developing business plans, setting sales quotas, budgets and investments, measuring strategy effectiveness against results achieved, to supporting new product launch decision process.

“Sigma Research has always adhered to the speed and accuracy of the data it produces. We will continue to help your company conduct research at an affordable cost and consistently develop better solutions to achieve your company’s business goals”


Our vision is to become a trusted survey and marketing research company in Indonesia. Therefore, it is very important for us to be able to:


The Sigma Research Team comes from a variety of backgrounds. This enables us to offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients. They are hard workers and have a wealth of experience, talent and desire to ensure that tasks are completed on time, every time.

Nurjannah Andi Lemmung
President Director
Prima Ariestonandri
Research Director
Ninna Kusumastuti Arief
Finance & HR Supervisor
Research Manager
Marisa Andi Bumbung
Business Development Manager
Julian Andrio
Project Management Manager


Sigma Research’s work area covers 34 provinces throughout Indonesia, with more than 34 experienced Field Supervisors and 500 Interviewers. Specifically for social surveys, Sigma Research is supported by the Field Team to rural areas.

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