MBS 2015 – Recreational


The infant and child under two-year-old (baduta) segment is a very potential market segment. Parents and mothers, especially new moms , do not hesitate to give the “best” for their children. At this stage parents tend to spoil their children by providing “only” the best quality products for their children. The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) estimates there were 4,880,951 baby birth rates in 2015. The baby birth rate is estimated to increase by 1.49% annually which makes the potential market segment of infants and children under two years old (baduta) a very attractive market segment to work on.

The purpose of this research is to provide a complete picture of the behavior of mothers who have babies and children under two years of age both in terms of demographics and behavior, to brand managers who target the infant and child segments under two years. The study had 800 respondents from 17 major cities in Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi with a MoE of 4.9%.

A total of 95.4% of mothers’ roles as “decision makers” in household spending show you as a very potential segment for marketers, especially for baby equipment products. Children’s toy products and entertainment are also high levels of consumption among Mrs. Baduta. Some interesting findings in this category are that more than 80% of mothers use playgrounds on the Mall when visiting the Mall, and unbranded children’s toy brands are found to be more popular than well-known branded children’s toys.

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